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What is Turtle “Friendly” Lighting?

Turtle “Friendly” Lighting is the technique of shielding light emitted from a beach-side property which is known as Beach-Side Shielding.  In no way is this technique designed to force a property to go into a complete dark situation. This might put at risk, or even the life safety of residents or their guest. Turtle Friendly lighting could be better described as a practice of using the best methods for energy efficiency which truly benefits a property and its electrical usage.

By using LED, which is solid state technology it makes the light directional so light is directed down to the ground and walkways. This helps make the most efficient use of the product and lumens per watt of light where you need them.  This eliminates light trespass, or light that is directed into the sky, towards the beach and into open unoccupied areas, which is all wasteful light or wasteful lumens per watt.


In Turtle Friendly Lighting, a property will use Approved Lighting Fixtures and Approved Amber LED light bulbs that have been tested and carefully selected by the FWC because of their wavelengths, energy efficiency and effective control of light trespass. Check with your local Brite LED Lighting consultant for questions or even having a survey done of your beach side property.

LED quickly to replace traditional lighting

LED lights are now making a tremendous impact to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs. Why, LED lights are very cost-effective in terms of energy usage, and they are coming to the market at less cost then even 3 years ago. This is why LED's are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution of both professionals and residential users. LED technology is continually advancing which has reduced their cost along with producing brighter and better quality lighting. Unlike, traditional florescent lighting which is both fragile and contains a mercury (a toxin). The U.S. Department of Energy hopes to reduce the electricity used for lighting by 50% by converting to LED based light sources.
Brite LED Lighting
LEDs are currently used for a wide variety of different applications such as: parking lighting, cooler and freezer lighting, architectural, automotive, broadcasting, entertainment and gaming, the military, traffic and transportation. LED lights have already made inroads are since the cost has helped driven markets for desk lamps, reading lights, night lights, security lights, spot lights, accent lights and lighting for commercial signage. Even "exit" lights are now using LED lights. Our company focuses only of commercials applications.

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