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LEDs for the Grow Industry

LEDs for lighting is becoming more popular for indoor grow houses and  photobioreactors in biomass farms as cost decreases and technology improves.

LED lighting is based on solid state technology (SSL) and as the technology advances new applications come to light, pun intended. One of the latest applications for LED lighting is inside grow houses. Indoor grow houses and hydroponic farms are beginning to make the transition from high wattage HID (high intensity induction) lighting to LED lighting. One of the most significant advantages for using LED lighting indoors is lower energy cost. In some instances specialized LED lights can lower the energy cost by up to 70%. Besides lower lighting cost, additional energy cost are captured by less load on the HVAC system. LED have very minimal heat signature. Indoor grow houses are well aware of how much heat is given off by HID lamps. After just a few minutes of use HID lamps becomes extremely hot and will burn the skin if touched. Besides the heat, they have also been known to cause fires. Growing with LEDs eliminates this problem completely as even after being on for 24 hours, the LED grow light is only slightly warm which helps minimize use of air conditioning systems.

The use of specialized LED lighting in hydroponics production can increase grow rates by 50%. Brite LED Lighting has recently become a distributor for multiwave length LED technology which achieves amazing increases in biomass. This motivation for using LED technology initially came from the algae grow production industry. Although, most people might not be familiar with the algae production.

Large-scale algae biofuels production farms are being built all over the world and this industry will just starting to take off. Commercial algae biomass farms produce biofuel and even nutrients like astaxanthin, (I used it myself) a powerful antioxidant which also helps prevent sunburns (if taken on a regular basis), sooth dry eyes and also works as a natural lubricant. Great for people like me with bad knees.

Omega-3s, which is found in salmon and other marine life can also be grown in algae farms. Since omega-3s have become very popular because of their known benefits more production is needed, and algae farming is an ideal method to produce omega-3s as demand is beginning to outstrip supply.

With a growing population around the world the potential of algae as a food source has been well documented, and will help address world food shortages. Algae can produce 38 times more usable protein per acre per year than soy, using only one percent of the water soy crops need.

With the growing trend for algae and other types of indoor farming, including legal marijuana farms and the aquaculture industry our LED grow lights will help provide low-cost, effective method for this rapidly growing industry.

LED quickly to replace traditional lighting

LED lights are now making a tremendous impact to replace traditional incandescent light bulbs. Why, LED lights are very cost-effective in terms of energy usage, and they are coming to the market at less cost then even 3 years ago. This is why LED's are rapidly becoming the preferred lighting solution of both professionals and residential users. LED technology is continually advancing which has reduced their cost along with producing brighter and better quality lighting. Unlike, traditional florescent lighting which is both fragile and contains a mercury (a toxin). The U.S. Department of Energy hopes to reduce the electricity used for lighting by 50% by converting to LED based light sources.
Brite LED Lighting
LEDs are currently used for a wide variety of different applications such as: parking lighting, cooler and freezer lighting, architectural, automotive, broadcasting, entertainment and gaming, the military, traffic and transportation. LED lights have already made inroads are since the cost has helped driven markets for desk lamps, reading lights, night lights, security lights, spot lights, accent lights and lighting for commercial signage. Even "exit" lights are now using LED lights. Our company focuses only of commercials applications.

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