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Ghost Crown Electric Helps Haims Motors Go Green with LED Lighting

Ghost Crown Electric, converts high wattage lights with innovative “Helios” LED kit from Brite LED Lighting.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fl. September 6, 2016-Ghost Crown Electric, a South Florida licensed lighting contractor specializing in LED lighting is helping a local used car dealer and a Miami-Dade church lower their electric cost by switching over to LED lighting without having to replace the fixture.

Damean Callum, owner of Ghost Crown Electric has been specializing LED lighting retrofit projects for the last 5 years. His most current LED retrofit project is working with Haims Motors in Lauderdale Lakes to switch all their lighting to LED lighting. ghost-brite-led-lighting

Haims Motors, one of the largest used car dealerships in Broward county, has begun retrofitting all their high wattage metal halide (HID) parking fixtures with low wattage LEDs which will save them up to 80% of energy per fixture. The payback should be less than 12 months once you factor in maintenance and energy savings.

Energy costs is a major consideration for dealerships, which amounts for one third of the overhead expenditure for auto dealers. Replacing lighting with LED lighting is one of easiest, and most cost-effective means to help auto dealerships reach, or exceed this goal.

“Reducing high wattage lighting at dealerships is one of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to reduce energy cost at a dealership,” explained, Callum. “I specialize in LED parking retrofits since my bucket truck allows me to replace lights as high as 30’feet without having to rent a lift, which saves my customer’s money and helps lower the LED conversion,” said, Callum.

Good lighting is a necessary part of marketing, bright lights to attract potential customers to the lot. Most auto dealers understand that poor lighting can send customers down the road to another dealership, or invite theft or vandalism after hours if the parking lot doesn’t have enough light.

“For all my LED lighting retrofit projects, including the church parking fixtures and the auto dealership I use the “Helios” LED kits from Brite LED Lighting. Their Helios LED kit is the perfect replacement for parking HID lamp fixtures. It’s simple to install and the Brite LED Helios LED kits come in wattages from 50 watts all the way up to a 300 watts, which is an equivalent for replacement of a 1,000 watt HID lamp,” commented, Callum.

300w_helios_led_kitOverall, auto dealerships on average, use up to 18% more energy than other commercial buildings due to the higher illumination. By switching over to LED lighting the energy savings can add up to thousands of dollars in annual energy saved for a typical dealership.

“Although, most people know about the benefits of LED lighting, many people still don’t that you can replace just the HID bulb and ballast without removing the entire fixture. This helps quickly lower the cost of switching over to LED lighting, which in many cases the payback will be less than 12 months,” stated, Callum.

Besides the energy savings, LED lighting means less maintenance, better lighting and ultimately more customers, which in turn helps both new and used car dealership lower operating cost and increase profits. On average, the lighting cost was lowered by 75-80% for each of the fixtures once the HID lamps were retrofitted with the 300 watt Helios LED kit at the dealership in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.

For more information on the Ghost Crown Electrical and the services they offer please contact Damen Callum at GhostCrownElectric@gmail.com or 1.954.907.2044.

Brite LED Lighting is a wholesale distributor for commercial LED lighting. They can be reached at 1.786.563.3160 or visit www.BriteLEDLighting.com.

Haims is a family owned and operated business established since 1994 in South Florida, Haims has grown to two locations, one in Hollywood and Lauderdale Lakes. For more information please visit www.haimsmotors.com.

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